As the human life gets entangled more and more in worldly affairs, the so called “modern” aspect engulfs its existence.... Amidst this humane chaos, Kajal Nalwa pays tribute to nature and divinity by reasserting the need of a harmonious relationship between the human and his surrounding nature .Using the medium of oil on canvas solely using palette knife, Nalwa beautifully reflects the various shades of nature keeping the human existence as its backdrop. Her works are soothing, yet reflect the most significant facet of human life.

In her latest series of her work, she has portrayed women – the giver of life in diverse forms, wherein the element of nature and its various aspects, brings in the element of a bilateral flow between the two life forms. The expressions of the women in her paintings and the use of colour and nature in all its brilliance, depict a relationship that seems to be interdependent.

Rural India and nature in all its beauty inspires the artist. Kajal Nalwa is an enduring artist who pays an inspiring tribute to womanhood through her work. Her canvas holds various moods and styles of women formed with interaction bright colours, becoming a treat for the eyes. With the theme to highlight the concern for the environment and nature and to draw attention to women's role in preserving our ecological heritage The artist has painted with a subject - "Born Free" which is an expression painted on a canvas that shows concern for the environment.where a women is in harmony with nature. Kajal beautifully reflects the various shades of nature keeping the human existence as its backdrop. Her work is soothing, yet reflects the most significant facets of human life.. Iconographic interpretation of the divine force inspires the artist. The elephant God emerges out of a very sublime horizon. Ganesha symbolizes the divine force that surrounds the human form, which he does not always notice. Abstraction in form and textural backgrounds adds that mystical air to her works. Kajal Nalwa in many ways has paid a tribute to the selflessness of the divine force called "Nature"


Lord Swaraj Paul of Marylebone, Chancellor of the University of Westminister
A remarkable effort and thoughtful work. The details to theme and putting that into beautiful colour combinations is most admirable. My best wishes to her to achieve great heights.

Dr. Karan Singh, M.P. & President ICCR
It is always a pleasure to see younger artists developing their talent. Kajal has grown in capacity and has diversified her mediums. I wish her well in the years and decades ahead.