Excerpts from News Paper coverage of Various Exhibitions By Kajal Nalwa

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DELHI TIMES 08-4-12 001

'Workshop in Princess Noura University,
Riyadh as appeared in newspaper Al Riyadh (April'2011)'

The Asian Age (Delhi 2010)

Times of India (Delhi 2010)
Times of India

Delhi times - Sept 2007
Artist Kajal Nalwa's exhibition captured the various moods of human co-existence with nature.The human form, sea, flowers and Lord Ganesha formed the theme of Kajal's works.

Noida Plus - Oct 2004
Kajal Nalwa finds painting meditative even as her work reveals the close bond that exists between women and her natural surroundings.

Delhi times - Oct 2002
Her paintings spread a whiff of fragrance. Petals, Flowers and Nature come to gather in a unique symphony in Kajal Nalwa's latest series of works.

Chandy Times- Oct 2000
Kajal is a lover of colours and brightness of life. In her work you can see rural landscapes in their exactness and ethereal charm. And Kajal holds promises too besides the banquet of flowers.

The Tribune

Sept 2007
'It is always nature.Nature is where I start from and is the inspiring force behind my paintings', says Kajal Nalwa

Emptiness, flowing colors, misty flowers and fading figures enwreathed in silence wash over you softly from Kajal Nalwa's canvases. There is a serenity in them as they attempt to serenade the awesome forces of nature. Her choice of theme and imagination are wonderful, the colours are bright and arresting. she is an upcoming artist to keep a look out for.

Painted in vibrant colours, the works represent details, which only emerge out of a keen sense of observation. Kajal has translated nature into an art form through colours.

Chandigarh- 2000
"Keep your love of nature for that is the true way to understand art more and more". When Vincent Van gogh made this statement he knew that nature was a perennial source of inspiration to almost all artists. Kajal Nalwa is one such artist in the making the works reflect flowers and nature at their colorful best. The artist manages to secure the maturity so specific to a good work of art.