Name: Timeless Beauty
Size: 28"X34"
A New Day
Size: 41"X29"
Name: Forest II
Size: 23"X19"
Name: Sunshine
Size : 38"X30"
Name: Treasure
Size : 30"X23"
Fields (2) Size 32"X42" Name: Pathway1 Size 24"X30"
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On the other hand, Figurative Painting by indian artist symbolizes the presence of life entangled with the nature. Such painting is available for you on Figurative sketches of Kajal Nalwa give a life to landscape and other types of art. Her fine use of human and animal sketches, both abstract and real, gives the painting a human touch. This makes the image even more amiable. One usually connects with paintings on a personal level. The figures, human and animal presence can actually be felt, by a true art lover. Not just beauty, but anger, frustration, lust, joy and passion, all of them has been expressed through her paintings.

If one is fond of a story book, eventually a reader finds himself visualizing every scene that he reads. He completely enters the world of that story book. Similarly an art exhibition like the one of Kajal Nalwa drifts one away to another world altogether. One can easily get into a dream world after going through Kajal Nalwa's exhibition. It lets your imagination run wild. It makes you find a story behind every painting. is a must visit website for all the art lovers. It also contains separate sections for rural designs of landscapes and figurative paintings. You can easily browse through your type of painting- may it be scenery, rural life, figurative portrays or abstract designs.