Many of us consider the Almighty as the best artist, for he has created art that touches ones heart and cannot be replicated. He gave us the enthralling rainbows, captivating clouds, tree textures, animal skins, and most importantly the skill to be an artist. Imagine a world without art, walls without paintings, no logos for companies, no graphical explanations, and no canvas sheets.seems unimaginable, isn't it? Life would be dry, boring and even tedious since the self-explanatory nature of graphics and pictures would not be present.

India is definitely a winner of several hearts when art is concerned. Every individual has a different definition of art. For some it is a profession, for some a passion, for some a way of expressing feelings, while for some it is merely time pass. Kajal Nalwa is an Indian artist who has been remarkably successful in this subject over the past several years. The art she depicts, the message she conveys, the skill she perceives, has borne its fruits.

Kajal Nalwa art varies from landscapes to figurative art to abstract designs. Kajal Nalwa, using palette knife distinguishes herself. Kajal captures the serene beauty of our natural life onto the canvas using a blunt knife is dipped in colors, giving the piece of art a thick texture. Kajal Nalwa's strokes of palette knife are distinct from those of a normal brush, giving the portrait a unique effect.

Indian artists like Kajal Nalwa have gained well-deserved appreciation overseas. is one of the means. The paintings of villages, rural lifestyle, pottery, and figures in farms, village men and women harvesting crops are some of the patent but beautiful and famous ones. But that's not all. Kajal Nalwa is one such Indian artist, who comes up with new imaginative subjects, creative enough to capture ones eye. This artist using palette knife, magically waves her hand, changing the plain canvas into the most amazing art.

We all love to visit art exhibitions to see the magic of their prowess. has gained international recognition for one of the best art exhibitions. Kajal Nalwa's worthy paintings are deservingly attracting viewers' attention. In case you are an art-maniac, but somehow don't get time to visit exhibitions, Kajal Nalwa has made it easy for you. You can view and select your paintings on her official website: