Name: Colours of Life
Size: 22"X30"

Name: Passing Time
Size: 24"X36"

Name: Reflecting
Size: 24"X30"

Name: Happiness
Size: 20"X24"
Name: Harmony (VII)
Size: 24"X30"

Name: Harmony (VI)
Size: 26"X30"


One specialty of Kajal Nalwa is the rural landscaping. Indian culture and beauty literally flows through the tip of her brush and palette knife. Every detail artistically drawn, the landscape becomes mesmerizing. From grasslands, to houses, mountains, rivers, trees along with tiny creatures, all contribute to a stunning piece of landscape art. Such heart-touching pictures are available for display and purchase on the website

While purchasing a painting, or walking through an exhibition, we come across two types of paintings: either a landscape or figurative one. Landscapes, as we know mostly comprise of the nature and environment. The natural habitat is the main focus. Landscape painting is actually the ABC of art. A child first learns to draw scenery in school. He draws two mountains, a sun rising amidst, a river flowing down and a rural house with a pathway. At different stages of life, this typical landscape scenery takes different forms and on one stage, evolves as a full-fledged exotic painting. It is wonderful how one's efficient skill can result in such beautiful pieces of art.